While the internet is becoming more popular than any other media, why are you still advertising on TV?

Follow this 6 steps and get professional Joomla! CMS SEO friendly website with modern responsive design!

  • 1. Request for offer

    1. Request for offer

    Please take a few minutes and fill our questionnaire, so we can identify your needs and send you appropriate offer.

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  • 2. Free Quote

    2. Free Quote

    After we carefully examining the questionnaire, we will prepare and send you an appropriate offer as soon as possible!
  • 3. Model of payment

    3. Model of payment

    With our clients we always try to build mutual trust, and in practise as the most fairest payment has proved 50:50 model. 50% advance payment and 50% after completion and prior to the launch of the website!
  • 4. Acceptance

    4. Acceptance

    After you accept our offer we send you two pro-forma invoices! The first you pay before we start building website, and the other you pay after we finnish your website!
  • 5. Web templates

    5. Web templates

    Same day when we receive your first payment, we will register domain, create hosting and install template that suits you best!

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  • 6. Web development

    6. Web development

    Begin developing web content immediately after we set the template on the server. Prepare and send us material for the website (texts, images, videos ...).

High quality and modern web design at afordable prices! HM-PROMOTION